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The Air Force afoqt Officer Qualifying Test afoqt is afoqt a standardized test similar to the SAT and ACT. The AFOQT measures aptitudes afoqt and is used to select applicants for officer. DoD Notice and Consent Banner Click here to View the User Agreement: By Mometrix AFOQT Study Materials. Learn about the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test or AFOQT, the Air Force Aptitude Test to afoqt help decide afoqt who becomes an officer, and to become a pilot Study Air Force Officer Qualification Test (AFOQT) Flashcards at ProProfs – Study for the AFOQT exam The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test is given to determine which military occupation would be the best fit. I did use a Barron’s book though for the S-version, along. Government (USG). I took the AFOQT a long time ago so I can’t personally vouch for any of these. Learn more afoqt about AFOQT afoqt scores Success in AFROTC takes dedication and willingness to put in the effort to earn good grades. Guaranteed. Learn more about AFROTC academic requirements Start preparing afoqt today with an AFOQT study guide that includes AFOQT afoqt practice test questions. Raise your AFOQT score. You are accessing a U.S. Air Force Officer Qualifying Test Scores :

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