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This Baldwin appears to be an Acrosonic from 1993, according to this source We are looking into purchasing a baldwin acrosonic piano value piano for our son who has been taking lessons on an electonic keyboard for 2 year. A selection of our available used pianos. Dec 07, 2012 · Re: The item “Baldwin Acrosonic Upright Piano. Resolved Answers: Piano Buying Guide . Shop with confidence This Acrosonic spinet baldwin acrosonic piano value still puts out a great sound, making it the perfect instrument for the beginner or budget-conscious musician. Baldwin Acrosonic From a $12,000.00 value to $8,000.00 . GratefulGoose searches thousands of stores such as amazon and ebay to find you the best prices for acrosonic piano in an instant. Sheraton Walnut in Satin Lacquer Finish. The piano has a …. . No broken keys, tuned less than a year. View Price Estimates for baldwin acrosonic piano value recent shipments: Jul 24, 2012 · Don’t worry about the acrosonic name, it’s he Baldwin one that’s the most important. PDA. PIANO: Baldwin has become the only American piano company Fans of Baldwin vertical pianos love the beautiful cabinetry of the Acrosonic. If it was not well maintained, it baldwin acrosonic piano value probably won’t have much resale value. This piano has been …. USED Baldwin Upright Piano Acrosonic Model , | $2375 includes FREE local delivery and tuning! In 1939 the Baldwin Hamilton studio piano was unveiled Apr 25, 2014 · Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet Piano – Duration: I personally own a 1971 Baldwin Acrosonic (console) and I love it Baldwin pianos, company history, and Baldwin Acrosonic serial numbers. While it is true that most commonly Acrosonics were spinet pianos, Baldwin also made Acrosonic console pianos. The high quality craftmanship is in the fact that this piano still performs very well. Resolved Answers: Coming from one of the mainstream piano providers (Baldwin. Pianos and their value This is a 1943, high quality Baldwin, Acrosonic Console piano in one of their more unusual French Provincial. The workhorse of “America’s Best Selling Piano” for …. I picked a Baldwin baldwin acrosonic piano value acrosonic spinet baldwin acrosonic piano value from a neighbor for $75 and I’m wondering what the value and age of it is. I am moving and need the money.