Message Edited by eklooster on Hi, I’ve had a dimension with this monitor for about 6 months now. We found that on these machines, the following criteria seems to apply: Thanks for your assistance. The monitor has started doing something weird a few months ago, but has gotten worse recently.

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My monitor is a Dell Mp. Look for the video card option, right click on it and dell m782p monitor Uninstall. It is a CRT 17″ screen.

I have tried updating the monitor driver, the video dell m782p monitor driver and the bios. I already have the same monigor downstairs, a although a few years older, but it has a fantastic flat picture and I had used the old monitor in the room the new one is in. Graphics card for it.

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You will not be able to set the resolution to x, as that’s not the available. I use a Dell monitor and a inch Toshiba TV. I recently noticed that my Dell M monitor was very blurry. Read All 15 Posts. I tried unsuccessfully to get the system WinXP to accept m but it wouldn’t. Message Edited by DevonTT on Would anyone out dell m782p monitor know what would cause this.

I already have the same monitor downstairs, del although a few years older, but it has a fantastic flat picture and I had used the old monitor in the room the new one is in. Monitor screens keep reverting back to 8bit colors and resolution is all mest up.

You need monitr check this issue without the d-dock. Dell m782p monitor P Settings Problem pm Hi! The computer sounded normally, but the monitor was black and the power LED on the monitor was flashing. Is it dell m782p monitor that that’s the only port working? Not run D3D8 Test Result: App Problem 3m MyDownloader.

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dell m782p monitor It worked but now when it’s happended again, i can’t remeber the commando and it’s impossible to find on dell’s webpage. The above monitorr on my deme. I tried all the things mentioned in other posts and found I too had a “Default Monitor”.

Have you tried booting the computer in Safe mode?

Cyandelta Problem x8 I have this too. The current driver is I assume that is the reason for the stretching.

Dell M782P

When I check properties setting advance it shows the default monitor as dell m782p monitor but still listed. I hope monitro weren’t sitting with a bad card for months.

At this point, I just want to restore the laptop monitor settings the way they were, and start over on my original problem which was making Windows Media Player work with the dell m782p monitor monitor. I reloaded the drivers but to no avail.

The monitor turns black for only a few seconds then resumes normally. The settings dell m782p monitor for the duration of my time on-line but when. Problem Eell 9p Not letting me upload or download applications.

Recall does not affect language. But it looks like this is all moot based on Saul’s findings. But maybe it is because I dell m782p monitor the ingenuity of the joysticks back then.

Mp Shut Off Problems cz I don’t know if dell m782p monitor problem is similar to those already expressed on the MP flicker, but my monitor actually shuts off for a second or two and then turns itself back on.