If you are not sure how to solve the problem, cancel printing, and then start EPSON StatusMonitor that leads you step by step through a procedure to solve a problem. In the Poster Settings dialog box, select the number of printed pages you want the poster to cover. Premium Glossy Photo Paper You can also export the settings as a file and make the same printer driver settings to multiple computers. Application settings You need to make the data for printing a banner using an application. Select the edit item. If you have extended the paper tray and cover fully, pull the paper tray cover extension to support large-size printouts.

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Clearing paper jams When roll paper is jammed To remove jammed roll paper, follow the steps below: If the top cover is opened while printing is epson 4880c progress, the printer stops printing, and then restarts printing when the top epson 4880c is closed.

Transporting The Printer, Epson 4880c A Long Distance Transporting the Printer Over a long distance If you need to transport your printer over a long distance, repack the printer using the original box and packing materials. Product Information To obtain technical support as well as other after-sales services, users are welcome to contact Epson Hong Kong Limited.

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Make epson 4880c the paper guide roller is placed on the edge of the paper. Select the document size created using the application from the Page Epson 4880c list and select the roll paper width set in the printer for the Roll Width. Updating the printer driver information After the replacement operation, update the driver information using the steps below. Enlarge or Reduce Size Printing You can fit the size of your data to the size of paper you print on.

Internet, access the site at: Click here for epson 4880c on our ORIS proofing papers.

Select the paper size that is loaded in epson 4880c printer from the Output Paper list. Describes the recommended application for the media.

Printing on Custom Paper You can also print on a custom paper, using the steps epson 4880c.

Select the paper size from the Epson 4880c Paper list, and make sure the Optimize Enlargement 4880v box is selected. Before printing on cut-sheet media, make sure paper in the paper tray is not curled.

Over a short distance If you need to move the printer over a short distance, be sure to perform the following epson 4880c. Stylus pro epson 4880cStylus proStylus pro The following procedures may differ depending on the application you use.

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epson 4880c Make sure the black movable flange is fixed into the end of the roll paper properly. Make sure the paper epson 4880c cover is set correctly; otherwise, the paper may not be cut.

Converting the Black Ink Cartridges You can change the black ink according to your purpose. In addition to your product documentation, we provide the following sources for obtaining information: In Menu mode, various printer settings that epson 4880c not available epson 4880c the printer driver, such as test print settings, can be made. Also, you can use the PhotoEnhance function to adjust the color of the image data automatically.

The top area may The top area may smear because the smear because the top area of the roll top area of the roll paper is cut while the paper is cut while the print operation is Select Borderless, and then epson 4880c Expansion.

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Checking The Print Head Nozzles Checking the print head nozzles To find out if epson 4880c are delivering ink properly, you can print a nozzle check pattern. Help for Users in Australia Epson Australia wishes to provide you with a high epson 4880c of customer service.

Carefully remove the jammed paper. Place the paper loaded spindle down on a flat surface.

Epson Stylus Pro 4880 User Manual

Epson 4880c the printed pages together appropriately, and stick them on the back of sheets using the cellophane tape. Dust may affect the print quality. Borderless Printing Borderless Printing You can print epson 4880c data without margins on paper. Extend the paper tray and paper tray cover according to the paper size.

When attaching roll paper with a 2-inch core, remove the gray attachments. Select the edit item.