Release the latch and lift the cover inside the tray. Standard input capacity of sheets, with one sheet tray and one sheet multipurpose tray. Allows the printer to resume printing after being offline. A summary of the major components of the High-voltage System is given in Table The printer senses the size of paper loaded if the tray is adjusted correctly. The printer is not exposed to direct sunlight.

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The Engine Controller Board is on the underside of the Engine and contains the following: Printer Maintenance Overview This chapter discusses the following: This section will help familiarize you with using PDF documents.

Squeeze the latches on the left and right sides of the Fan lqserjet. When an image defect appears, a test print can be made to identify the problem. See links below for details. Note It is best to set the font source from the printer driver or Page – hp laserjet 5 c3916a orientation for printing both side Figure Fuser Hp laserjet 5 c3916a 1 of 2 Table To avoid making changes to your configuration, remove c9316a HP JetDirect card before performing a cold reset.

Figure Tray 1 Assembly Table Laserhet optional sheet tray is adjusted differently page Measure this distance Figure Adjusting the top margin Measure the distance hp laserjet 5 c3916a the edge of the paper and the print pattern. Threaded Phillips with captive star washer Used to fasten metal or plastic to plastic mainframes.

HP C3952A – LaserJet 5n B/W Laser Printer Manuals

A positive charge applied to the back of the paper by the transfer roller causes the negatively charged Toner on the Drum surface hp laserjet 5 c3916a be attracted to the page. HP Distribution Europe The languages supported are also listed above beside the telephone numbers. Printer Drivers Printer drivers access the printer features laserjrt allow the computer to communicate with the printer hp laserjet 5 c3916a a printer language.

Remove the rear right side cover page The phone numbers are: The Laser Scanner is on the top of the printer, tilted toward the rear, and has a yellow label on Unplug the 3 connectors as shown.

Call from any touch tone phone and request up to three documents per call.

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Selecting the Output Bin The printer has two output locations: Figure Delivery Drive Assembly Table A 4-bit microprocessor is used in the Envelope Feeder Driver, which controls the sequences of the Envelope Feeder and the serial communication hp laserjet 5 c3916a the Engine Controller Board of the printer.

Every time you change the Toner Cartridge run a cleaning page. The printer uses heat and pressure to fuse Toner to the paper. Troubleshooting Overview This chapter discusses the following: Holds up to 10 envelopes at a time: Toner Cartridge is low.

When you zoom in on a document, you can use the hand tool to move the page hp laserjet 5 c3916a.

HP LaserJet 4000 Service Manual

The printer has lazerjet designed to minimize impacts on the environment. Lift the Engine away from the Paper Feed Module. Hp laserjet 5 c3916a Information Use only accessories specifically designed for this printer. Remove 2 small black M3 screws.

Printing Menu Some items in this menu can be accessed from a software application, or from the printer driver if the appropriate driver is installed.

Deleting a Stored Job Page – printing special paper Page – paper orientation Page – printing envelopes Page – loading envelopes in hp laserjet 5 c3916a 1 Page Page Page Hp laserjet 5 c3916a Page – printing labels Laserrjet Page – printing transparencies Page – printing cards, custom-size, and heavy p If communication is lost, an message appears followed by a two-digit error code. Internal Components of Duplexer Item No. Page Lazerjet – communicating with an optional hp jetdir These documents will be sent to the fax of your choice.

Note See the documentation included with the duplexer for complete installation and setup instructions. It consists of six stages: These are displayed on the Configuration Hp laserjet 5 c3916a. Alphabetical printer messages and their meanings are listed in Tableand numerical printer messages are listed in Table The printer automatically reprints pages after a paper jam is cleared.

For example, the message displays atpages.

Envelope Feeder Item No. Internal Components of sheet Feeder Item No. Remove the Tray 1 Pickup Assembly page Fuser Assembly 2 of 2 Item No.