I have found that with such a unit observing even on the wettest of nights can continue unhampered. This is due to the lubricants in the ETX focus mechanism and the focuser motor thickening in below-freezing temperatures. But I still thought that the “shorter” subs had to be at least minutes in length. If you already own some SCT accessories then you may find this inexpensive Shutan accessory a valuable addition to your ETX travel case. Nor is there a brightness adjustment.

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I was able to get clear views in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Celestron Ultima Duo Eyepiece 17mm. If you ever need to move it, it takes 5 seconds with the supplied Allen key. I got it primarily for use when observing wildlife, but tried it while looking at Jupiter and Saturn last week.

I took the opportunity of having the dec assembly apart to put a white meade lpi camera down the center of the dec arm. The MiniMax and Max have more objects, more catalogs, and more features, but Meade lpi camera couldn’t justify spending the more bucks. The declination mechanism is pretty darn flimsy, if you ask me!

Maybe some eyepieces have somewhat larger barrels than Meade, so a narrower ring wouldn’t fit them. Stellarvue 48mm Extension Tube – 10mm Length. Easy to put on.

The top is secured to the leg structure by connectors near each of the four corners. This is a nice inexpensive product to have if you keep grabbing the wrong size eyepiece in the dark or just want to speed up the process of meadde the right eyepiece. This is similar to the Clear Night Products TeleWrap reviewed further down this page except that inside of being a photograph on stiff paper, the Astrozap dew shield is longer-lasting but lightweight aluminum high gloss black with black felt lining.

Now to save even more money, where did I read that article about using grass clippings and sticky back plastic to make an observatory? Moved the scope as camdra and looked through the eyepiece. About 10 different no brand identification even types tat I’m sure are each meade lpi camera by a different slave labor meade lpi camera. Then remove the bottom cover and the circuit board.

The electric focuser can turn that focus screw slowly enough meade lpi camera fine-tune focus.

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They tracked and slewed at high speed just fine. Al Winger adds awinger azstarnet.

The JMI computers are great! Installation was a breeze, operation is easy, and it works great, too! Meade lpi camera connection is the same as it was with the battery pack forget what they call this type of connection and the power cord is 25′ long. These maps are great because they give a day by day photographic view of the moon with the prominant features on the terminator marked. In fact, it was easy to forget that it was there, ready for use.

If you already own some SCT accessories then you may find this inexpensive Shutan accessory a valuable addition to your ETX travel case. This took a phone call to verify and JMI apologized meade lpi camera assured me they would change this in the meade lpi camera. It was very nice to have blue and red. All prices include 1st class insured postage. Posted 13 December – It’s a shame that someone can meade lpi camera up with an idea that could probably do well and then ignore the people who wants your product.

I connected both telescopes using the appropriate Meade DC power cords to the two power ports meade lpi camera the meade lpi camera “Celestron” in the photo. In actuality, it is a very tight fit. If you don’t have motorized focus capability I recommend you get a Flexi-Focus. The openings between the slats work well to keep eyepieces from rolling off and yet are not so wide as to let pens or pencils fall through.

Its variable speed too. Kind of hard to predict which one you’d need with your scope and eyepieces combination, so it would make sense offering both as a set. All in all it takes under a minute to select any item from the catalog and point your scope right to it.


The service from the company was helpful, prompt and friendly meade lpi camera the whole set up cost only If this is a little known trick tgen owners who have upgraded can send the free meade lpi camera for their meade lpi camera to the fire department astronomy club! Please log in to reply. I cannot see using my ETX telescope without this accessory don’t know how I used it before I ordered one. Special requests can also be handled. I send along two pics of the thing.

I checked them after 10 hours of being in the closed Meade eyepiece case and they were still faintly glowing! Checked the time and it is now I ordered mine through them about a month ago and it just arrived tonight.

And when the gears meade lpi camera in such a manner, simply reversing the focus motor will bring them back lpu mesh though with a crunch like a automobile gear-shift changed with clutch engaged.

I think I could make this combination parfocal as well, at least with some eyepieces.

So a VERY thick grease is used between the mirror and central tube, and this thick meade lpi camera by its very nature thickens even more in cold temps. I understand there is an issue with the Meade electric focuser meace the Meade lpi camera series correctly. Connect with us Like us on Facebook. It seems pretty good now, but again I had only terrestrial objects to focus on. Miami Valley Astronomical Society.

I tested it with my digital camera and finally got the result I wanted: