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The jumper configurations are usually either printed on the back, or on the top of the drive. Comments I like your posts as they are nice unusual and unexpected to me. Install the video card into the AGP socket. To install the RAM assembljng, first push on the levers pc assembling pdf download plastic in the picture on either side of the DIMM socket, so that they move to the sides. Drive Select or Cable Pc assembling pdf download. Plug the mouse and keyboard in the appropriate slot. Please read the safety precautions thoroughly.

Some combinations of motherboards and cases may also use different types of screws in different places or provide non-matching pc assembling pdf download holes that cannot be used in a specific case. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Do not touch any part of the inside of the machine while it is powered up — you will NOT die but xssembling computer might.

If you were to put 1 gigabyte of RAM in your personal computer, it is best to use dual channel MBx2 sticks. Work from the outside edge in. If you have trouble lining up the screw holes, double check that you have the standoffs in the proper holes on pc assembling pdf download tray.

If the power supply is in your way, take it out and set it aside we’ll put it back in later.

How To Assemble A Desktop PC/Assembly

If your power supply has a switch to assemblinf v or v make sure it is set properly, this is important. I hope this video tutorial will be useful for you.

Some case styles make it difficult to install the motherboard or the CPU with the power supply dowjload. Views Read Edit View history. Don’t overdo — you don’t want paste squeezing out the edges. If you have a PCI Express video card, install it the same odwnload as an AGP video card, however the slot where it goes looks a little different having an extra spot on the slot as opposed to the 2 slot parts on an AGP slot.

Then this video will teach you everything all you want to know. Pc assembling pdf download this does require a fair bit of force, do not overdo it or you pc assembling pdf download break the RAM module.

How To Assemble A Desktop PC/Assembly – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

These pc assembling pdf download will be explained in the motherboard manual. This probably means something is shorted, and leaving it on could damage the parts.

Some boards have an optional diagnostic device, usually a collection of LEDs, which when properly plugged in will inform you of the nature of the problem. In addition, you can connect any case-specific ports if they are downloda by the motherboard.

How To Assemble A Desktop PC

Ppc continue to improve it and thanks for the great work so far! A PDF version is available. Briefly this includes a case with a motherboard in it, a processor and its cooling unit and some RAM plugged into the motherboard, hard and floppy drives installed, pc assembling pdf download some kind of video available.

If your motherboard has built-in video, you might want to use that for this first try, even if you are going to install a video card later. Instructions pc assembling pdf download installing this as well as the meaning of its display should be in the manual for the motherboard.

Put a standoff in each of these holes on the tray and position the motherboard so downloac you can pc assembling pdf download the holes in the top of the standoffs through the screw holes in the motherboard. If the computer does appear to come on, but, you hear beeps, listen carefully to the beeps, turn the computer off, and refer to your motherboard’s manual for the meaning of the beeps.

If all is well it is pc assembling pdf download to turn the computer off, and close it up. Recommended Posts for You: Look carefully at the drive and the cable connection before you try to connect them.

You can edit its advertisement template.

This page was last edited on pc assembling pdf download Januaryat In general, the default options are OK, but you may wish to set the computer’s hardware clock to the correct time and date. Put the first MB stick downlpad slot 1and put the 2nd stick in slot 3 the two slots that are blue – leaving slot 2 empty.

The assemblimg thing to look for is that the CPU cooler fan spins up, if it does not, cut the power immediately.

One wire in the IDE cable will be colored differently: