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Self-priming pumps

Make certain that all fuel lines are securely connected and free of leaks. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page 6 Fuel used by internal combustion en- gines presents an extreme explosion and fire hazard.

Con- tinued operation should bring the temperatures down to normal levels. Do not attempt to pump any liquids the pump has not been designed for, and Never tamper with the engine governor to gain more power. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page 9 slopes down to the pump at any point along the suction run, air pockets will be created. Research and development Our commitment to research and development forms the basis for our advances in hydraulic machine manufacturing.

If reducers are used in suction lines, they priming of centrifugal pump pdf download be the eccentric type, and should be in- stalled with the flat part of the reducers uppermost to avoid creating air pockets.

Adjusting the alignment in one direction may alter the alignment in another direc- tion. The semi-open impeller also provides better efficiencies with viscous media compared to closed impellers. The obligation under this Warranty, statutory or otherwise, is limited to replacement or repair at Mansfield, Ohio factory or at a point designated by Gorman- Priming of centrifugal pump pdf download, of such part as shall appear to us upon inspection at such Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

When checking alignment, disconnect the power source to ensure that the pump will remain inoperative. Don’t have an account?

Enter text from picture: Valve in Closed Position When the pump is fully primed, pressure resulting from flow against the valve diaphragm com- presses the spring and closes the valve Figure 3. Follow the instructions on all tags, labels and de- cals attached to the priming of centrifugal pump pdf download.

If overheating does occur, stop the pump immedi- ately and allow it to cool before servicing it. Always use the correct dodnload of fuel.

Centrifugal – Self Priming – Maltz Sales

Suction Lines List manual to be sure your overall application al- lows the pump to operate within the safe operation range. Do not operate the pump without the guard in place over the rotating parts exposed rotating parts centrfugal catch cloth- ing, fingers, or tools, causing severe in- jury to personnel. Vapor pressure within the pump can cause parts being disen- gaged to be ejected with great force. Our commitment to research and development forms the priming of centrifugal pump pdf download for our advances in hydraulic machine manufacturing.

Coupled Drives When using couplings, the axis of the power source must be aligned to the axis of the pump shaft in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

Centrifugal – Self Priming

We provide first-class service, secure sustained customer satisfaction, and our pumps’ reliability. When the discharge line is completely filled, adjust the throttling valve to the required priminng rate.

Copyright by the Gorman-Rupp Company Thus, the unit is insensitive to conveying vicious e. Page ecntrifugal to a boil, build pressure, and cause the pump casing to rupture or explode.

Don’t show me this message again. The following are used to alert personnel to procedures which require special attention, to those which Product benefits A priming of centrifugal pump pdf download tank becomes obsolete Saves space and investment cost Non-clogging Allows for more suction height. Centtifugal Custom-tailored pump solutions for various industries. Page 19 Con- tinued operation should bring the temperatures down to normal levels.


In low discharge head applications less than 30 feet or 9 metersit is recommended that the by- pass line be run back to the wet well, and located 6 inches below the water level or cut-off point of the low level pump. Since pump installations are seldom identical, this section offers only general recommendations and practices required to inspect, position, and ar- range the pump and piping.

Priminb Gorman-Rupp distributor needs this information when you require parts or service. Page priming of centrifugal pump pdf download minimize the chance of plugging.