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Really small size with only 0. The material that I use to make rc helicopter project pdf download main body of the helicopter would make you feel surprise. The connections at the receiver is not in order. For the landing gear, 2mm carbon prpject are used. The result is really bad that the RPM of the tail rotor changes from time to time despite the helicopter is standing on the table.

First of all, I have to claim that the rotor head jelicopter be sturdy rc helicopter project pdf download to withstand any vibration or it could be very dangerous. The first step is to make the middle part: The main shaft holding tube is made from a white plastic tube 5.

Did you make this project? At the beginning, I try this with an ordinary gyro the large one for the gas helicopter.


It helps to keep the ball link in position. In a fixed pitch design, only 2 servos are needed.

In this way, the tube has made use of the sturdy plastic case of the servo as one of its supporting medium. I have already planned to buy one of them as they can fly inside the living room and even take off on ours hand. The tail boom is simply fixed on the main downloda by 2 screws together with some epoxy adhesive: In order to make the whole structure sturdier, an additional support is added to rc helicopter project pdf download main shift holding tube. Of course, the ending of the tube are first enlarged in pdt to house the bearing firmly.

The tail control is managed by changing the RPM of uelicopter rc helicopter project pdf download motor. Well, it is really a very simple design as the tail rotor is powered by a separate motor.

At the moment, the 5v motor is being used in my helicopter which is still in very good condition.

RC Helicopter PDF manual downloads – 01

The back rc helicopter project pdf download the swash plate In rc helicopter project pdf download design, the swashplate is fixed on the main shaft. I just simply connect the signal output of the gyro to the signal input helicoopter the Esc. All the parts that I used was first fixed together by instant glue.

Making the tail rotor Would you think it is just too simple? In my helicoptter, the aileron servo is installed between the motor and the main shift holding tube. Rc helicopter project pdf download be positive and constructive. In addition to the ball link, an “H” shaped anti-rotating unit is a must for the control system.

It is placed at the bottom of the gyro. They are very light and can be helkcopter easily. Unlike the previous GWS gyro that I used in my gas helicopter, helicoptsr is very stable and the center point is very accurate. Any assistance would be awesome. The above unit makes the rotor head movable in one direction. Never overlook the potential for causing injury this little machine has if anything got loose.

Although the receiver has only four channels, it can be modified to a five channel RX. It is the circuit board after removing the copper layer that purchased from electronic shops.

How can I get this? The current tail motor is a 16g GWS motor which provide much more power. It is actually a 3mm collar which can be fit sownload the main shaft.

We have a be nice policy. There are two holes just above the collar which is used to, as you can see, house the flybar. If you plan to buy a micro gyro, it would certainly be a good choice for rc helicopter project pdf download

rf Here is my draft of the swashplate which might help you. Rc helicopter project pdf download pdd Swash plate Swash plate is the most sophisticated part of a RC helicopter.

I need Diode ss All the rods are glued together by instant glue first and then by epoxy adhesive. The rob ends are shortened and a metal bar is used to connected them together. I really can’t buy one from local hobby shops here in Hong Kong.

It is then secured on the gearwheel by 2 screws. It can be shaped easily from a 2mm thick balsa. The rc helicopter project pdf download blade is made of balsa.

They are covered with heat shrink tube in order to reduce the friction between the blade and the air. However, I can’t find one which fit with my TX’s band.