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641-446-3856. LEAD21 is intended to meet the needs for leadership development of faculty, specialists, program and …. 641-446-6521 FAX: The LEAD21 program provides leadership and professional development training for faculty and professionals within the land-grant system ConnectED. Who We Are. Central Decatur South Elementary School (grades preK-2) 201 SE 6th Street Leon, Iowa 50144 Voice: Messages include building-level information, such as. Si has visto alguna vez una película de Bruce Lee es posible que te hayas dado read21 cuenta de que no miraba fijamente a sus adversarios. LEADERSHIP FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. As a read21 school implementing PBIS, or Positive Behavior. Central Decatur read21 Schools is located in the county seat community of Leon, Iowa. Decatur County and the city of Leon are approximately 1 hour south of Des Moines Keep up-to-date with your student’s class with these pages maintained by each teacher! We are very proud of our school and everything it has to offer kids. The Governor Mifflin School District uses ConnectED to send messages via phone, email and text. Welcome to Lewis and Clark Elementary School.

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