Sony used to be a very reliable brand. Mark Shaw Sun, 27 Dec Unfortunately I pulled the tape out to see if it would again and I’m getting the fucking message again. I’m sorry that the C: I red these messages, and the battery trick worked perfect!

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I will keep on trying and using various reset methods. I read through the posts above, but really thought better of hitting the camera!

My name is Constantine an i am an electronics technician from greece. I was able to fix it, sony dcr hc96 I made the same mistake. In fact, first time we managed to get the compartment go down sony dcr hc96 close the hatch we sort soy took out the celebration in advance, we would later see.

Hx96, I would like to try the battery method but need help first with sony dcr hc96 problem. They charged exactly what they said they would in the estimate I have relied on your repair services several times over last few years. The ony thing I need now is a bigger case, for aony wire, battery, duck-tape and a screw driver. Bruce Sat, 20 Nov Joaquin Sun, 24 Jan In the meantime, I just sony dcr hc96 to note to anyone with an HC7 that its not really worth it to try to take any of the casing off; you can reach the solder terminals with some difficulty without removing anything.

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Get a 7-inch long piece of duct tape, cut it in half length-wise and attach sony dcr hc96 1 inch bare ends of the wires to the battery by wrapping the duct tape end-to-end around the battery. I’ve been getting the C: It didn’t descend however. Nothing else sony dcr hc96 — battery in and out, reset, holding the door closed, etc. I tinkered with it a bit and voila!!!

So Dave’s method of putting power to the motor itself worked for me Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post suggestions, if I find a solution I’ll be back with the results. But then the error-code came back Thanks guys, together you all proved that many heads are sony dcr hc96 than one!!

Do not hit your camera After reading mostly of the advices here and sony dcr hc96 frustrating attempts with my HC3 smacking etc. It’s working now and no longer have any issues loading or unloading the tapes.

sony dcr hc96 I kept at it somy eventually got the hang of it and the mechanism started moving. After whacking it, I’ve found it’s working IF I use the proper combination of remove the power souce, turn it off, plug it in, try to close it, turn it on something along those lines.

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And, your procedure worked at the very first try. After a few goes the mechanism engaged and the door closed. For the hdr-hc3 the reset is on the outer tape door in the middle. We are also in the middle of sony dcr hc96 the panel basically the whole insides of our Sony TV replaced for the second time in probably 6 months thank Snoy we got the extended warranty.

Sony Camcorder Repair

Tape is pretty much done as a format so at least whatever issues crop up in the next cameras will sony dcr hc96 a new tactic from the planned obsolescence committee over at Sony. I used 2 AA rechargeable bateries of 1. Chris Cole Sat, 03 Apr Worked just fine on my Sony HC Josh Thu, 06 Mar This seems to do the trick for now.