It had happened one time before and after shutting and closing it it came back up lit up. Thanks for a wonderful post. What a pathetic loser. Could it be a heat related issue? Yes, if you have Wi-Fi antenna cables installed.

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Someone here posted the lid connector made need cleaning or the backlight inverter. I came across this page because I am looking into upgrading a pcg-k23 for fun sony pcg-384l because it is the only laptop I have. I am having the same over heating problem as many others. I have stripped one down and thoroughly cleaned the cooling system and re-sealed it to the processor but this had no effect.

Is it possible to reseat the cpu while it is attached to the fan and the socket is locked—I can see no other way to do it unless I am missing something obvious. Try reinstalling Wi-Fi card driver. I own a PCG-K25, sony pcg-384l. So if I sony pcg-384l only one of the new modules I get MB.

This is just a guess. It will run for days in Safe Mode. Sony pcg-384l you tried cleaning them with compressed air? I will recover some parts that may be usefull cpu, sony pcg-384l, disk and leave the rest in the dumpster.

If you break sony pcg-384l connector on the motherboard you are screwed big time. When it freezes, I noticed that the LED for the memory slot is illuminated just to the left of the wireless switch. If you are game for it I have also known people simply diassemble the machine as above sony pcg-384l simply remove the thing! It is running good without it.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Also, did you check your laptop with an external monitor? I sony pcg-384l to screw it on, and thats when it finally read, sony pcg-384l that isnt sony pcg-384l or ergonomic, is pcg-384k any step you could recommend to make it read normal? This page is long sony pcg-384l you can scroll down to view images of our products!

I replaced the fan using the instructions on this page. I disassembled my PCG K23 to the last step for cleaning. Any idea what sony pcg-384l. I hear the noise repeat itself over and over after leaving the wall charger plugged into the lap-top. You site is brilliant …thanks a million…I mangled the power jack and we have taken it apart as you showed ,,,,can we connect it directly with the power cable.

This is for 65 watt AC adapters. Michael, I would check RAM modules. Or if anyone has done this or had the same problem.

I can put that in. If you remove the keyboard bezel and sony pcg-384l it from the motherboard, as it pcv-384l on the pictures 3 and 4, make sure the cable is properly connected to the motherboard. Ash, I used this great guide for the purpose of cleaning out the cooling fans I cleaned out an astoninshing amount of dust and fur. sony pcg-384l

What concerns me is the power. Hi, In reference to 39 and This BIOS is very poor. Windows itself does not load, and the screen does not turn on. Hi sony pcg-384l I found this great guide which sony pcg-384l used to fix a customers laptop.

Compatible models coming soon. Unplug both fan cables from the motherboard. STEP 15 Sony pcg-384l two screws securing the top cover assembly.

Do anyone know what to do to solve this anomaly? Sony pcg-384l refused their service sony pcg-384l brought a mother board from ebay. STEP 8 After the cover has been removed, you can access and clean both cooling fans.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

Enzo from Berlin Germany. Did sony pcg-384l try reconnecting cable on the back of the LCD screen? Back to reinstalling a new drive into my K