From within your DVD maker program look under the file menu for something like Import opening this should show the available Source devices including your USB device for you to select It should show up in device manager by expanding the Imaging Devices heading only if the driver installed without errors Cheers HC. Seems you already have a driver as it’s up and running. My bit of kit isn’t there! There is a set of long leads – of which – both ends contain plugs, a white, a red and a yellow. Thanx again for all your help and potential support. So I think I’ll use your link and load the proper software that came with it. The main prob I now have is the slowness of Win Movie Maker.

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Tevion home dvd creator drivers software

Complete windsurf Set for sale. So I think I’ll use your link and load the proper software that came with it. Close the cookie policy warning By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Work station Christchurch, Tevion home dvd creator. My bit of kit isn’t there! Christmas Christchurch, Dorset.

I am now ready to transfer a dvf to DVD. I have other software that could burn it, but only from a folder containing the video on my PC. What i found were loads and loads of people complaining about the equipment. Thank you for your offer to send me a copy of the disk. When i play it back there isn’t any tevion home dvd creator Take a good look tevion home dvd creator photos and if your interested drop me a line or ring to discuss.

Thanx for this, I did do a Net search before I posted here. The driver is on the Software Disk as well as the other software but you may need a product key for one of progs – it would have been on the paper sleeve on your original Disk.

Tevion home dvd creator driver windows 7 – Google Документы

However, I noticed in the frequently asked questions at your link, the following Out of one end are 4 short leads each has a plug jack. Thanx for getting back to me. Office chair gas lift. From a pet and smoke-free hom. dvc

Video to PC – PC to DVD…

The down side is as I’ve already hinted at, although I hear the sound when it’s playing and incidentally recording to the PC. I conected everything then let the PC find a driver for it, which it did and told me it was ok. Thanks T0SH that info is useful to tevion home dvd creator also. Must go this week. About 5 are use damaged, stained, torn page, one missing cover, one burnt corner, but largely good.

Tevion home dvd creator looks like I’m all set to give it another go and hopefully PPG will be faster and with more editing features than Windows movie Maker. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. What I find odd is the fact that I’ve got sound when I’m watching it on tevion home dvd creator PC, however and now you’ll know that while I was waiting for replies from PCA I did a little more Web digging and found a site which told me to use Windows Movie Maker, it comes with Windows so no problems.

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Ad posted 28 days ago. Which one should I use?

Mainly regarding lack of sound. In the interim I’ve managed to misplace the software disc and instruction sheet that presumably came with it?