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As I was saying, this book is about view spoiler [a man who was constantly humiliated at work and his ruined overcoat, which he wanted to repair because of the cold, cold winter and the bad, bad jokes. Akakiy Akakievitch would have declined, but all declared that the overcoat gogol pdf download was discourteous, that it was simply a sin and a shame, and that he could not possibly refuse.

The pallid prominent personage almost died of fright. There only, he finally began to collect his thoughts, overcost to survey his position in its clear and actual light, and to argue with himself, sensibly and frankly, as with a reasonable friend with whom one can discuss private and personal matters.

The Overcoat

And is that a tougher, more masculine Akaky ghost at the very end, or the overcoat gogol pdf download different ghost? As there was nothing else to be done, Akakiy Akakievitch decided to go to the oveecoat personage. In a little more than six minutes the prominent personage was at the entrance of his own house.

Then he brought out his old, worn-out cloak, for comparison. View all 6 comments. You have to pronounce it “khahki.

Short Stories: The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol

The very best thing to do, therefore, the overcoat gogol pdf download be downolad go to the district chief, whom she knew, because Finnish Anna, her former cook, was now nurse at his house. His superiors treated him in coolly despotic fashion.

Akakiy Akakievitch, having hung up his own cloak, entered the overcoat gogol pdf download inner room. Gogol’s influence on Russian literature is unquestionable. Grinding me down With thunderous appeal?

Where did you get such ideas? The affair progressed more briskly than he had expected. I will make you a capital new one, so let us settle about it now.

View all 22 comments. Soiled my dream, Sinned my satin! Petrovitch screwed up his one eye very intently at him, and Akakiy Akakievitch involuntarily said: He liked to produce powerful effects, liked to stun utterly and suddenly, and then to glance sideways to see what face the stunned person would put on the matter. Quite recently a complaint was received from a justice of the peace, in which he plainly demonstrated that all the imperial institutions were going to the dogs, and that the Czar’s the overcoat gogol pdf download name was being taken in vain; and in proof he appended to the complaint a romance in which the justice of the peace is made to appear about once every ten lines, and sometimes in a drunken condition.

Akakiy Akakievitch passed through the kitchen unperceived, even by the housewife, and at length reached the overcoat gogol pdf download room where he beheld Petrovitch seated on a large unpainted table, with his legs tucked under him like a Turkish pasha. For some inexplicable reason this conduct seemed familiar to the prominent personage.

Welcome the overcoat gogol pdf download company now Gogpl transparent veil! It was there that he began writing. What impudence towards their chiefs and superiors has spread among the young generation! All the bullying, the bad jokes, the embarrassing moments that make you gently ask the ground My first contact with Gogol, and certainly not my last.

The Cloak – Nikolai Gogol PDF Download | Free Ebooks

Pushkin’s death produced a strong impression on Gogol. I loved this story. Now they were even more dim and lonely: He had been trying unsuccessfully for three minutes to thread his needle, and sownload enraged at the darkness the overcoat gogol pdf download even at the thread, growling in a low voice, “It won’t go through, the barbarian! In short, all his money must be spent; and even if the director should be so kind as to order him to receive forty-five rubles instead of forty, or even fifty, it would be a mere nothing, a mere drop in the overcoat gogol pdf download ocean towards overcoqt funds necessary for a cloak: Because of his odd personality and isolated lifestyle, his coworkers constantly make fun of him, but Akaky rarely lets this affect his performance at work.

Shinel; sometimes translated as “The Cloak” is a short story by Ukrainian-born Russian author Nikolai Gogol, published in His co-workers make fun of him, but other than a pitiful protest of “Leave me alone! Akakiy Akakievitch could not remember how he descended the stairs and got into the street.

The watchman said, “It’s of no consequence,” and turned back instantly.

His name was Akakiy Akakievitch. But Gogol seems to be one of them. And from that day forth, poor Akakiy Akakievitch, who could not bear up under an official reprimand, recurred to his mind almost every day.