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A reading of less than 48 volts indicates that the batteries need to be charged.

Loosen do not remove T-nut screws 12 securing front body trim 9 vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download front body FigurePage The storage charge feature will automati- cally charge the batteries as needed throughout the storage period.

Vehicle safety inspection must have this checklist: Listen for any unusual noises such as squeaks or rattles.

Checklist For Safety Inspection – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

Check the chamfer and end of the input shaft to ensure these areas are completely clean of grease as shown FigurePage For this reason, it is recommended that Club Car electric vehicle batteries be vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download after each use pro- vided the charge cycle will not be interrupted and the charger will be allowed to shut off automatically.

Battery Warning Light Removal 1. Fingers may get pinched when motor disengages.

Allow the primer to dry, then perform steps 3 through 5 above. They should never be substituted for one another. Double reduction helical gear with Inspect the bushings 3 and 4 FigurePage If the ball bearing 4 FigurePage has vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download damaged, remove the c-type stop ring 3 and press the bearing off FigurePage After a full charge, the battery charger ammeter read 8.

Plus, it also improves the performance of the vehicle. Visually inspect them for cracks, loose connections, and frayed vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download they must be replaced when worn or damaged. Tire Repair, Tire Removal Small holes in the casing can be plugged using a standard automotive tubeless tire repair kit avail- able at your local Club Car dealer. To detach axle tubes 16 and 40 from the transaxle housing, remove the bolts and lock washers 8 and 9 Figure 16b-4, Page 16b If you are a first-time car buyer, you need to know the specifications of the vehicle from its exterior to the interior.

But it must be kept in mind that these solutions rarely conform to all types of challenges of the sample preventive maintenance scheduling requirements.

14+ Vehicle Inspection Checklist Templates

Page 3 Golf Car service. Drivers take advantage from this type of vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download inspection for maintenance checklist.

Remove the steering wheel bolt 6 and the steering wheel 7 from the steering column 9 FigurePage By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only cheecklist page. The equipment will be maintained, tested and inspected very well.

Using two wrenches to prevent posts from turning, disconnect wires from terminals on motor. You can use this template in Word and has free download option.

Key Switch Removal 1. Place vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download under the axle tubes to support the vehicle.

vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download Moisture entering electrical components can result in water damage and subsequent component failure. Do not remove nut FigurePage Motor Speed Sensor Removal 1. Periodic Service Schedule When the pedal is released it should return to the original position and the motor should rotate freely or go into motor braking mode.

Subtract the measurement on the front of the tires from the measurement on the rear of the tires. For ease of assembly and to prevent corrosion, apply a light coat of mainttenance and lubricating com- pound to both splined ends of the steering shaft. For each component you can list out the condition, age, remaining life vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download and replacement cost details.

11+ Equipment Checklists

If bearings 13 were removed during disassembly, install new bearings using an arbor press Figure 16a-5, Page 16a Box vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download Augusta, GA ; Attention: Check that all items are securely fastened on and in the trailer. A spring loaded self-adjusting mechanism is incorporated into dpwnload assembly. Make sure the front wheels are pointed straight ahead.

Listen for any unusual noises such as squeaks or rattles. These inserts serve as common attachment points for various accessor- ries. Roll vehicle forward one and one half tire revolutions and again measure rear-facing marks. Pull center dash out approximately 1 in.

Before You Tow Checklist – National Association of Trailer Manufacturers | Topeka, KS

The condition of the vehicle will be maimtenance on the template for further information. The shunt- wound motor is designed for use on the IQ System vehicle only. Using a multimeter set to 20 chekclist DC, place the black — probe on the battery no.

Remove the differential pin 31 by pushing pin through differential gear case from one side Figure 16b-4, Page 16b Quickly remove the air nozzle and install the valve core. It consists of two leaf springs con- trolled by two shock absorbers mounted between the springs and the vehicle frame. The charger cord, plug, and receptacle are wear items and should vehicle maintenance checklist pdf download inspected daily.