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War in the Pacific National Historical Park was established to commemorate the bravery, courage, and sacrifice of those participating in war in the pacific the war in the pacific campaigns of the Pacific. The name of this documentary is actually “Crusade in the Pacific” and was produced in the early 1950’s Sequence of events of World War II in the Pacific, 1941 – 1945 Early on the morning of December 8, 1941, the Second World War in the Pacific was begun with war in the pacific an amphibious attack by Imperial Japanese Army troops on the. Defeating Germany was only part of America’s mission. Pearl Harbor was only the beginning of Japanese assaults on American holdings in the Pacific Line of Departure [War in the Pacific] is a superb game, one that fully takes advantage of what the computer offers in order to process detail, and make it visible to. I received this two-CD set as a gift and was pleasantly surprised. On Sunday, 7 December 1941, the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was attacked by Japanese aircraft.